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        North Carolina and the Caribbean Islands

as an Investigative Leader in Truth, Evidence, and Results.

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 Quotes, & Testimonials 

 "I didn't think we could get through the (plant) closing without some terrible incident. The threats were getting deadly  serious.  My thanks to all you guys.  You were professional, polite, and even though we never saw a gun on you under your jackets, we knew you were there and we were safe. 

HR Director
North Carolina
"Our sales were going up, but profits were going down the drain. Thanks for plugging the "leak".

-Local Business Executive
North Carolina

"This (disability) claim was settled for a tenth of his demand because of your video and detailed report."

-International Claims Manager
San Francisco, California

 "My wife talked me into having you check him out before we invested our money.  No doubt you saved our retirement!"

Toronto, Canada


        The Scott Investigative Group  provides skilled Investigators, Personal Protection Specialists, Trainers, and Security Consultants all of whom are all trained to provide you the most value for your money. We employ agents of various gender, ethnicity, and age, and assign our best professional to your specific needs. All investigations are supervised and directed by an experienced Team Manager.  We employ the finest Investigative, Security, and Engineering professionals in America, Asia, and the Caribbean Islands. We've provided trained Investigators and Security forces in many countries and have provided Personal Protection to local and foreign business and government VIP's.
In addition to our own diverse staff, the Agency maintains close personal and investigative contacts in 80 foreign countries. We regularly travel throughout NC, America, and even overseas to complete international cases. From Samana to Saigon, or South Beach to the South China Sea, we have  successfully conducted recent investigations in North and South America, the Caribbean, and Asia.

Investigation & Protection Team Leaders

                               Larry D. Flannery                                  Jerry D. Lucas, CFE, PPS
                               Operations Manager                              Criminal and Civil Investigations
                    Criminal and Civil Investigations                   Firearms,Security, & SWAT Training
                             Process Service, TSCM                            Executive & Personal Protection  
                     Executive & Personal Protection                         Overseas EP Co-ordinator                           
                                    Catalino LaLuz                           M. Gregory Scott, BA, PPS
                    Criminal and Civil Investigations                             International Investigator 
                      Dominican  Republic  Manager                      Criminal and Civil Investigations                    
                        Communications Specialist                          Executive & Personal Protection                      
                     Executive & Personal Protection                                 Threat Assessment    
            Spanish Interview & Interrogation Specialist       Undercover & Special Assignments

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