29 Years of Confidential and Professional Service in 
        North Carolina and the Caribbean Islands

as an Investigative Leader in Truth, Evidence, and Results.

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"The 12 hour time difference and the continuing series of communications problems between us and our Thailand Clients were driving my staff crazy. Your Bangkok office gave us all the answers we needed. We've never seen better photos and documentation or a  more comprehensive report."
"International Claims Examiner
-New York, N.Y
 Threat Inspection of Typical Business Telephone Closet

Your opponents have Investigators! As YOUR Investigator, we will work to uncover evidence to tip the scales of justice in YOUR favor.  We are SPECIALISTS IN DIFFICULT LOCAL AND FOREIGN CASES.  Last year, we conducted over 10,800 hours in Armed Corporate Protection of Management, Employees, and Business Concerns. 

 NO INVESTIGATIVE AGENCY in NC does more for Businesses than we do!

          Call us for help if your case involves:
  • Competitor/Competitive Intelligence
  • Risk Management and Threat Analysis
  • Internal or External Surveillance
  • Undercover Operations
  • Recovery of Lost Product, Equipment, or Money
  • Exposure of Kickbacks or Unscrupulous Business Practices
  • Reputation or Litigation Threats
  • Civil and Criminal Background Investigations
  • Witness Location and Accident Investigation
  • Executive and Personal Protection
  • Copyright/Trademark Infringement or Industrial Spying
  • Insurance, Disability, or WC Fraud
  • Employee Theft or Fraud
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Missing Persons Location
  • Adultery, Child Custody, or Domestic Law involving Company Executives
  • Jury Selection or Process Service
 Specializing in State of the Art Devices and Techniques:
  • Corporate Training, Executive Protection, and Threat Assessments with Risk Analysis
  • TSCM - Government License to Locate Phone Taps, Room Bugs, Hidden Cameras or GPS
  • Installation of legal GPS Tracking Systems and Hidden Cameras
  • Experienced Practicioners of "The Reid Technique" and "Non-Violent Crisis Intervention"
  • Recovery of lost and deleted computer OR cellphone data
  • Lethal and Non-Lethal Defensive Weapons and Personal Training
  • Professional Threat Assessment and Risk Mitigation


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